WeTravel launches travel bookings trends report

WeTravel launches travel bookings trends report

WeTravel has launched its inaugural annual travel trends report using data from thousands of tour operators and group travel businesses.

The report is titled  Purchasing Habits: The Future of Travel Bookings and Payments, and compares how consumers are booking and paying for travel this year to pre-pandemic booking data (2019).

The report found a drastic shift in travellers’ expectancy of personalisation, customisation, and automation pre- and post-trip, with control on where, when and how they book and pay for personalised travel experiences.

key data findings within the report include:

  1. Women are dominating travel purchasing and the average age of purchasers is maturing.
  1. Tour and multi-day package pricing is increasing to recover lost costs, while reflecting global inflation.
  1. Travellers are seeking custom packages and tours over all-inclusive vacations.
  1. Travellers are booking closer to departure in fear of cancellations, but this is reducing refund processing for travel businesses.
  1. Travellers are paying for tours and packages with more instalments, more traveller focus on reducing high up-front cost 

Ted Clements, WeTravel’s CEO, said: “After a two-year industry standstill, commonplace travel purchasing has been disrupted: Now the data finds expectation of personalisation, customisation, and automation—which is well expected from consumer purchasing in differing industries—dominating this year’s purchasing decisions.”


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