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Exploring the Caribbean has never been so smooth and easy – airlines are introducing new routes, new attractions and hidden treasures across the region are being revealed, and the full removal of health protocols has sparked renewed confidence and enthusiasm among holidaymakers.

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The Caribbean

Caribbean wonders

It’s not always easy to take yourself away from the beautiful beaches but here are 10 must-do experiences that will make your Caribbean holiday more memorable

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Eat, drink and party! 

From rustic street stalls to elegant beachfront restaurants, there’s a Caribbean culinary experience to suit all tastes and budgets – and great rum cocktails too

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Couple up

From underwater ceremonies to private sunset cruises, the romance of the Caribbean makes it a dream location for weddings and honeymoons

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Discover the wilder side

Rainforests, mountain peaks, botanical gardens, rivers and cascading waterfalls, the Caribbean has bountiful nature for those wanting to discover its great outdoors

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Mind, body and soul

The Caribbean’s beautiful and laid-back destinations are perfect for wellbeing breaks that ensure visitors return back home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated  

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Cruise control

From luxury yachts to megaships and everything in between, cruise lovers are spoilt for choice in the Caribbean

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The Caribbean is in high demand, with arrivals achieving record-breaking numbers that are surpassing pre-pandemic levels in most of its English-, French-, Spanish- and Dutch-speaking destinations.