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From the Yukon’s glittering gold rush history to the remote coastal communities of Atlantic Canada to the French flare of Québec, Canada is a vast and diverse country that tempts visitors with its endless wilderness, cosmopolitan cities and year-round festivities. Not sure where to start? Let us inspire you with our dedicated Canada hub…

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Following a recent Canada Specialist Agent fam trip to Alberta, Jennette Baxter, UK Representative for Travel Alberta, recounts the perfect itinerary
For clients looking to experience the best of what Calgary has to offer, suggest these stops for an action-packed two days in the city.
Nim Singh, Media and PR Manager for Destination Canada UK, “jumped at the chance” to explore Canada’s first Indigenous corridor route in Saskatchewan. Here’s her Postcard from Canada...


Travel themes

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Food is a way of life, a path to truth, a medicine that connects us with nature
Many of the 700 Indigenous communities in Canada now offer visitors the opportunity to connect with their traditions, cultures and landscapes. Lauren Jarvis suggests 10 authentic experiences to offer clients
First Nations tradition and heritage are part of Saskatchewan’s colourful tapestry – learn about the land from the people that know it best

Sustainable and Responsible Travel

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Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver are three cities that wholeheartedly embrace and celebrate Canada’s diversity, says Rupert Parker
Wonderful wilderness, eco-friendly resorts and exciting human-powered adventures make Canada the perfect choice for a sustainable escape, says Lauren Jarvis
Sustainable tourism is a top priority in Canada, meaning it’s never been easier for travellers to ‘think and go green,’’ says Lauren Jarvis

Health & wellbeing

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Winter is a time for enjoying Canada’s crisp air and beautiful scenery – and to let the majesty of the season dissipate any worries and heighten the senses, says Rupert Parker
Canada’s tourism sector is taking great strides to ensure it is a destination for every body and every disability, reports Julie Baxter
Whether you’re looking for a cultural escape, active adventure or relaxing retreat, Canada’s diverse landscapes and experiences will deliver, says Lauren Jarvis

Adventure & Wildlife

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With its vast tracts of wilderness, which includes the Boreal Forest and millions of trees, Canada is the place to be during Autumn for natural beauty and a feast of wildlife viewing, says Lynn Houghton
Canada’s provinces and territories provide an attractive choice of adventure playgrounds during the crisp and colourful months of autumn
Bella Falk takes a road trip in Jasper, Alberta, and finds herself falling for the many joys of the season


Great Outdoors

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Winter & Arctic

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Visitors to parts of Eastern Canada on April 8 2024 could be moonstruck – that is if they time it right and are in the right location, says Peter Ellegard