Walk Japan unveils seven new tours 

Walk Japan unveils seven new tours 

Walk Japan has rolled out seven new tours to celebrate the reopening of Japan. 

The walking tour company has now crafted an impressive roster of 34 guided, self-guided and speciality tours that cater to a range of walking abilities and travel preferences. 

The seven new tours from Walk Japan include ‘Michinoku Coastal Trail’; ‘Self-Guided Michinoku Coastal Trail Wayfarer’; ‘Shio-no-Michi: The Salt Road’; ‘Self-Guided Tokaido Wayfarer’; ‘Onsen Gastronomy: Gifu’; ‘Self-Guided Kunisaki Wayfarer’ and ‘Onsen Gastronomy: Oita & Kumamoto’. All fares are based on double occupancy. 

Highlights include: Michinoku Coastal Trail & Self-Guided Michinoku Coastal Trail Wayfarer – Nine days, eight nights (guided); ten days, nine nights (self-guided): Fares start at £2,660pp (guided) or £1,600pp (self-guided). Guests will explore beaches and cliff tops, as well as coastal fishing and farming communities. Both tours are available from April to June and September to November. 

Shio-no-Michi: The Salt Road – Nine days, eight nights: Fares start at £2,420pp. The tour includes an ancient trade route, a historic castle town, mountain villages and the Sea of Japan. This tour is available from May to June and September to November. 

Onsen Gastronomy: Gifu – Five days, four nights: Fares start at £2,015pp. Guests will experience the northern Gifu Prefecture and indulge in the local cuisine, onsen hot springs and famous sake. This tour is available from April to November. 

Paul Christie, CEO of Walk Japan, said: “We are delighted to be welcoming our guests back to Japan and adding these seven new pioneering experiences that access little-explored destinations across the nation. 

“Following ancient trails and trade routes to charming historic towns, indulging in soothing onsen hot springs and sumptuous cuisine, these new itineraries are finely crafted by Walk Japan’s experienced team, ensuring every tour is an authentic experience offering deep insights into Japan’s society, history, culture, and traditions.”  


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