Valencia focuses on green tourism

Valencia focuses on green tourism

Visit Valencia, which was present at this year’s World Travel Market in London, is prioritising green tourism and sustainability.

The city is set to become climate-neutral by 2030 and emission-neutral by 2025.

Valencia was awarded with the title European Green Capital for 2024. Measuring the water footprint generated by tourist activity, the region is ‘paving the way in green tourism.’

Another award is the EU Mission Label, a distinction given to only ten European cities, recognising its climate neutrality pledge.

“Sustainability is at the forefront of our commitment. It’s the future of travel,” said Nuria Montes, the Minister of Innovation and Tourism. “We want to emphasise sustainability, social responsibility, and environmental impact.”

Although the city has 7.5m2 of green areas per inhabitant, plans to reach 10m2 by 2030 are already underway.

Public spaces have been reclaimed to create pedestrian-friendly environments, including City Hall, Cathedral and Central Market. This has expanded the urban landscape by over 150,000 sqm. Cycling is also being promoted. 

“Concerns range from how animals are treated, waste plastic pollution and preservation, to nature conservation, the impact of climate change and how local people are impacted. We have 79 hotel sustainability certifications in the region, and 85 restaurants have a sustainable focus,” she added.

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