UK airports granted extensions to install CT scanners

UK airports granted extensions to install CT scanners

Once installed, passengers will be able to take liquid quantities greater than 100ml through security.

The new security technology, which was announced in 2018, can detect prohibited items with greater accuracy.

Some UK airports will be given up to a year to install CT scanners.

The extensions to the June 2024 deadline are being granted to those airports required to install the new kit. 

Despite this, passengers should still check the security requirements for liquids and large electronic items at their departure airport.

There will be ‘serious financial penalties’ for those who fail to meet the new deadlines, with powers to achieve this under the Aviation Security Act to be explored in the coming months.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, CEO of The Advantage Travel Partnership, said: “This summer is set to be incredibly busy for UK airports with millions of Brits travelling abroad, so it is vital that travellers have a clear understanding of the rules and restrictions in place at each airport in order to avoid any disruption.

“With travellers now facing different rules depending on their departure airport this could potentially result in significant delays at security unless they receive the necessary guidance beforehand.”

Mark Harper, Transport Secretary, added: “These cutting-edge scanners will make air travel safer and easier for passengers by strengthening security even further.

“The UK is leading the world with its roll-out of this technology, but it’s important we give those airports yet to meet the deadline a second chance to get the job done. Until they do, passengers should continue to check before travelling.”

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