Trends show that Brits favour adventure travel

Trends show that Brits favour adventure travel

Half of Brits prefer holidays that include outdoor and adventure activities, according to a new survey. 

IcelandAir’s study of 2,000 UK holidaymakers revealed that two in five prioritise adventure and outdoor activities when planning their trips.

It also revealed that 25% of UK travellers favour holiday itineraries that balance relaxation with moderate to extreme activities, such as beach holidays including boat trips and visits to other areas.  However, almost one in five (18%) prefer more high-octane getaways that centre around outdoor activities like wild swimming and scuba diving.

Taking a boat trip is the most popular pastime for Brits abroad (54.45%), followed by visiting natural places of beauty (52.20%) and places of historical significance (50.67%). 

When asked why they take part in these types of activity, confidence building was cited as the biggest benefit of taking part in adventure activities while on holiday (43%). Next is a sense of accomplishment (42%), followed by overall improved mental health (35%).

The survey also found that over a quarter of UK participants (27%) said that engaging in adventure activities abroad allowed them to challenge how they see themselves, and 26% disclosed that they feel less stressed.

UK women found outdoor and adventure activities particularly beneficial for their mental health.

Given that 59% of women and 40% of men prioritise self-care and well-being in their day-to-day lives, the mental and physical health benefits of outdoor activities make adventure holidays ideal for wellness-minded travellers.

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