Travel talk with Argentina

Stuart Forster talks with Ricardo Sosa the Executive Secretary of Argentina’s National Institute of Tourism Promotion INPROTUR

Travel talk with Argentina

Stuart Forster talks with Ricardo Sosa the Executive Secretary of Argentina’s National Institute of Tourism Promotion INPROTUR

The United Kingdom represents one of Argentina’s main tourism markets. The volume of business generated makes the UK one of the top five European countries for the South American nation.

Following the pandemic, Argentina lifted all COVID-19-related entry restrictions in April 2022.

“There are many products in Argentina that UK tourists will not find anywhere else, such as the best Malbec wine in the world, the best meats, tango and very rich culture specifically in the north of Argentina due to the nature. We offer access to Antarctica. Ushuaia, known as ‘The End of the World’, is the world’s most southerly city. We have the Iguazu Falls. These are just a few of the iconic things that Argentina can offer,” says Ricardo Sosa.

The Executive Secretary of Argentina’s National Institute of Tourism Promotion (Instituto Nacional de Promoción Turística), an organisation commonly known as INPROTUR, visited the 2022 World Travel Market with colleagues including Horacio Reppucci, the Secretary of Institutional Relations at the Cámara Argentina de Turismo.

Beyond Buenos Aires

He believes that the country offers much beyond its best-known attractions: “There’s a perception from tourists, once they have travelled to Buenos Aires, and to Patagonia, that they’ve seen Argentina – but that’s not the truth. Argentina has a lot more to offer.”

“There’s glamping at Jujuy in the north of Argentina – they’ve just opened a glamping site in the Salinas Grandes. You’ll see a sea of salt with the pink flamingos and it’s all about sustainability. It was built during the pandemic and means being able to explore outdoors,” he suggests, highlighting new attractions which are ideal for travellers who appreciate activities in nature.

A new project called La Ruta Natural, meaning The Natural Route, is bringing foreign investment to the country. It is developing new trekking routes, gastronomic experiences along with ways for guest to spend time outdoors and connect with nature. It offers 17 nature-focused routes for exploring the Argentinian countryside.  

Reasons to return to Buenos Aires

Yet Sosa points out that the country’s capital city has also seen recent developments, providing reasons to return: “In Buenos Aires, there are new gastronomic concepts born since the pandemic. For instance, there’s a huge growth in rooftop terraces. They’ve opened at least 10 across the city. It’s great to see the sunset there. We also have new themed bars, for instance, a bar that looks like a prison cell and a bar that recreates a New York neighbourhood. There are new restaurants that are not just focusing on Argentinian cuisine, but also the world’s cuisine.”

Buenos Aires offers connectivity with 35 regions within Argentina on three different airlines. The cities of Mendoza, Rosario and Cordoba are also gateways to further exploration. 

“In Argentina you can see places that you cannot see anywhere else and combine them with experiences and activities that you will not find in other countries,” suggests the INPROTUR executive secretary.

“It’s very easy to move around and everything can be combined in one trip. You don’t have to combine Argentina with any other country because you have everything you need here – culture, sports, adventure and nature,” he adds.

Information about Argentina

The Argentina.travel website is a useful source of information about the country. It provides a range of itineraries and provides a guide to how much time travellers need to spend in each region.  

“Online, travel agents can choose what kind of activity they’re looking for, what kind of region they want to explore, and then when you click search it gives you options. That gives them an idea of how long they need to spend at each destination when they’re putting together the itinerary,” says Sosa. 

“I think it’s quite important to mention that Argentina fits all budgets. You have really good accommodation options, from very high-end hotels that give you all the luxury that you’d expect in a five-star hotel to those accommodating active tourism and backpacking. It’s very good value for your money, so even though you’re paying less you’ll still have the same level of comfort,” he adds.

Looking ahead travel agents will have opportunities to participate in familiarisation trips. A major event, called Buy Argentina, is being planned and details will be shared early in 2023. “We will invite travel agents to come to Argentina and get to know the culture and diversity of the country,” says the INPROTUR executive secretary.

“Now is the time to go to Argentina. Argentina has always had a vast array of experiences and now prices are very competitive. So you can get an Argentina holiday for a lower price than in other South American countries,” he concludes.

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