New satirical campaign from Go Vilnius 

New satirical campaign from Go Vilnius 

Named Expectations Vs Reality, the new advertising campaign is designed to break stereotypes and “pokes fun at common misconceptions” about Vilnius.

Its self-deprecating visuals will soon be seen around London’s tube stations.

The satirical video showcases the negative preconceived ideas versus the “delightful reality” of the city. 

Lithuania suffers from misconceptions that stem from the Cold War era, said a spokesperson, with terms such as “Russian backwater” or “a poor country” often being used.

The campaign initially depicts the most common expectations of Vilnius, while the second half breaks these stereotypes with impressive architecture, colourful streets, tempting gastronomy and thrilling tourist attractions and activities.

Dovilė Aleksandravičienė, CEO of Go Vilnius, said: “When asked about Vilnius, many international residents either don’t know it or know very little about it. It’s normal that our perception of places might be affected by what is featured in media and pop culture. Let’s be fair, Eastern Europe has many stereotypes brought on by the difficulties of the 20th-century geopolitical events.

“What many don’t know is that in the last 30 years, many cities in Eastern Europe have become unrecognisable thanks to rapid changes. We are not patronising or critiquing those who still base their knowledge of Vilnius and Lithuania on the prevailing stereotypes but rather, in a true ‘Unexpectedly Amazing’ Vilnius style, laugh at them together and ignite people’s desire to see what reality looks like over here.”

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