Mauritius invites visitors to ‘Feel our island energy’

Mauritius invites visitors to ‘Feel our island energy’

The new campaign focuses on the life, pulse and energy of Mauritius and its people.

Travellers are encouraged to pause from their busy lives and connect with themselves and their family.

Campaign assets showcase the landscape through the eyes of the local people who “are warm, welcoming and invite you to feel our island energy.”

The main video highlights the islands’ mountains, lagoons, waterfalls, beaches, national parks and buzzy markets with the message that “Mauritius is big enough for extraordinary adventures and small enough to do it all in one holiday.”

Commenting on the campaign, Arvind Bundhun, Director of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, said: “More than just a visit or an ordinary holiday, we want travellers to take in the unique energy that sets Mauritius apart from other destinations.”

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