Madeira focuses on active tourism with new branding

Madeira focuses on active tourism with new branding

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The new “Madeira Ocean & Trails” branding will highlight Madeira’s nautical activities and mountain trails as well as new events in 2022.

The trail side of the branding integrates the most popular mountain activities, namely trail running, hiking, mountain biking and canyoning, while the ocean side promotes the nautical activities: surfing, diving, sailing, dolphin and whale watching and open water swimming, to name a few.

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira is using its connection to the sea to host a number of events including Oceanman Madeira (10th – 11th October) for the first time. This event will see swimmers compete in the sea of Funchal with up to 1000 expected to take part in races ranging from 1.5 to 30km.

The European Championships for underwater photography will be hosted from October 3-8. Organised by the Diving International Federation (CMAS), and the Madeira Swimming Association, the event brings together the best divers of these specialties.

Eduardo Jesus, Regional Secretary of Tourism said of the development: “The region’s subtropical climate allows for a wide variety of mountain and sea activities throughout the year. This is undoubtedly a competitive advantage of Madeira that must be exploited to the fullest, in order to encourage more and more visitors, especially those looking for this type of product.

“It is with great pleasure that we integrate the sea and its activities into the MOT concept, which is strengthened with this new connection, becoming a complete brand of active tourism and positioning Madeira as a nature and adventure destination with many premises.”

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