Lindos Hotels pledges to plant tree for every booking

Lindos Hotels pledges to plant tree for every booking

Rhodes is now welcoming guests back to the island as tour operators and airlines resume flights.

Lindos Hotels & Resorts are welcoming guests to their five properties located across the Island with a pledge to plant one tree for every new hotel booking, in a bid to help restore the landscape and support local communities.

Lindos Hotels has a partnership with the Forest Ambassador programme in Rhodes, which aims to plant, water and protect new trees in the burnt landscape to restore nature and keep a healthy balance between tourism and the natural environment.

Following the recent fires, the support is needed more than ever and Lindos Hotels & Resorts has furthered their commitment and for every new booking received at any one of Lindos’ hotels, a tree will be planted in the areas most severely hit.

Lindos Hotels & Resorts Owner Kathy Minettos says: “Our hearts go out to the people and businesses who have been affected by the devastating fires on our beautiful Island. We are so very grateful for our kind and resilient staff who responded so quickly and selflessly to the situation. “We would also like to express our deepest appreciation to the Rhodian fire department, the firefighter, and the thousands of volunteers who worked tirelessly to contain the situation and put the fires out.”

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