Land of memory

Ideal for groups, Land of Memory is a remembrance tour exploring the 20th-century history of France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.

Land of Memory is a fascinating, immersive tour experience of four European countries, combining visits to places of historical and cultural interest with walks and adventures in exceptional natural environments, along with a taste of regional gastronomic specialities and quiet moments to reflect.

Ideal for groups, this remembrance tour explores the 20th-century history of France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, taking visitors on a 250-mile journey that tells a rich and compelling story of hardship, courage and peace.

The first cross-border remembrance tour, Land of Memory was created in 2017 as part of the Interreg Grande Région Programme Interreg, an EU scheme designed to promote cooperation across borders at regional and national level.

It focuses on regions that played important strategic roles in wartime – Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Département of the Meuse in France and the Provinces of Liège and Luxumbourg in Belgium.

Tours explore the stunning landscapes of the Massif des Ardennes and follow the Meuse River as it flows in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Along the way, each destination will share its own experience, with moving testimonies, historic landmarks and landscapes that sometimes still bear the scars of two world wars. 


Land of Memory has put together 10 suggested itineraries, taking in museums, exhibitions, remembrance trails and immersive experiences. Itineraries include tours dedicated to the battles of Verdun or Ardenne, Women in Conflict to understand the unique role of women during the war, Life in the Trenches to discover the terrifying and desolating daily life of the soldiers during the First World War, and the Exodus of 1940, when millions of French, Luxembourgers, Dutch, Belgians and fled towards south of France, giving rise to one of the most critical population movements of the 20th century.

As the tours cover such a vast area, with so many sites of interest, Land of Memory offers free assistance to companies, schools and associations looking to organise a group tour. 

Although themed itineraries have already been created, tours can be custom made according to the requirements of each group.

The suggested itineraries are modular and can be adapted to suit the group’s wishes. Whether it’s a one-day, weekend or multi-day trip, Land of Memory can help put together a dedicated tour that opens the frontiers of wartime history.

Tours will be organised by a dynamic, multi-lingual team of experts and will be led by experienced, professional guides.

Organisers will deal with a single contact throughout, giving a highly-personalised service from the initial quotation to the booking and final payment.

For more information, see the Land of Memory website which covers each destination, country by country, with a map, and gives a taste of these historical tours with unpublished anecdotes and fascinating podcasts.