Jamaica to open new hotels as UK market grows 120%

2022 is set to be a record year for UK visitors.

Jamaica to open new hotels as UK market grows 120%

2022 is set to be a record year for UK visitors.

Jamaica will see a string of new hotel openings next year, following growth of its UK market by 120% year on year compared to 2021. 

“We have already received some 190,000 arrivals from the UK up to the end of October,” said Donovan White, Director of Tourism, Jamaica Tourist Board.

“We anticipate that by the end of the year we’ll have about 230,000 visitors this year which would actually be a record arrivals for UK visitors. That represents about a 20% increase on 2019. It also means that the earnings from UK tourists for Jamaica this year will be about £365 million pounds, which is about 40% up on 2019.”

In anticipation of an influx of visitors several new properties will open next year, including Sandals Dunns River on May 24 2023, which will open its first phase with a room count of 260 rooms. The room count for phase two is yet to be announced.

Virgin is launching daily flights to Jamaica from December 13 2022 to facilitate increased demand for the destination.

Looking ahead, Jamaica will be focussing on promoting tourism beyond the beaches, confirmed White. “For example, Island Roots has a Mini Cooper tour that takes you across Jamaica and they stop in various places to experience them. Those are the fun things that really make Jamaica different from any other destination, which is the reason we have a 42% return rate.”

To help promote further visitor increases, the destination launched a new marketing campaign on Monday November 7, the first day of World Travel Market, called ‘Come Back’ based around the idea of coming back to Jamaica but also coming back to your best self. 

The top five agents selling Jamaica can also look forward to its annual fam trip which includes a welcome party,  award ceremony and its famous One Love Affair party.


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