Hong Kong has dropped most travel requirements

Hong Kong has dropped most travel requirements

The Hong Kong government has adjusted its testing requirements for inbound travellers. As of December 29 2022, the pre-departure testing arrangements for all inbound persons were standardised and testing requirements after arrival at Hong Kong were lifted.

Travellers are still being advised to conduct daily rapid antigen tests (RAT) until day five after their arrival at Hong Kong.

Measures have been further streamlined, with all inbound travellers aged three or above on the date of arrival at Hong Kong required to conduct a RAT within 24 hours.

Alternatively they must undergo a polymerase chain reaction-based nucleic acid test within 48 hours, prior to the scheduled time of flight departure or the scheduled time of arrival at Hong Kong, and obtain a negative result.

Travellers should keep the photos showing the test results or the test report for 90 days for checking on request by government personnel.

Travellers can voluntarily declare their test result via the Department of Health’s electronic health declaration form.

Those entering the country will no longer need to obtain a Provisional Vaccine Pass, but the requirement for non-Hong Kong residents to be fully vaccinated for boarding a flight to Hong Kong will remain unchanged.


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