Guided tours in Alberta

From frozen waterfalls to medicinal plants, learn about Alberta’s rich culture and abundant nature from the people that know it best

Ice Ice Baby

Alberta ice

Discover what lies beneath on an Ice Bubbles tour of Abraham Lake. The scientific wonder, whereby methane gas bubbles from plant life freezes at various depths under the lake’s surface, creates a magical icy tapestry. Take to the sky on a day Bubbles Heli Tour to get the best view of the spectacle. Tours run from mid-December to mid-March for up to six people, with full winter gear provided.

Spoonful of medicine

Alberta spoon

Indigenous-owned and operated Mahikan Trails takes groups on a Snowshoe and Winter Medicine walk in the iconic Rockies. Learn about native history from a knowledgeable guide and marvel at how almost every plant can be used for survival – either as a medicine, a food source or a fire starter. There are also pre-walk workshops such as learning to make your own medicinal tonics.

Picture perfect

Alberta picture

Chase that perfect sunset shot or nature selfie on a group photography tour. Wildland Photo Tours aims to share the beauty of Jasper National Park in a sustainable and safe way, while helping travellers to perfect their photography skills. Early morning and night tours are available, depending on the time of year, in addition to private sessions. They also offer workshops for those looking to learn the basics.

Winter wonderland

Alberta winter

Explore frozen waterfalls and icy caves before dining out under the constellations on a Night Owl ice walk. The deepest accessible canyon in Jasper National Park, Maligne Canyon is a gateway to impressive ice formations. Learn about Karst topography and the mystery of the ‘disappearing’ Medicine Lake from local guides. Covering around two miles, most of the walk is downhill.

Meet the ancestors

Alberta meet

Painted Warriors runs cultural programmes on snowshoe between December and March. Join a Bimaagimose Snowshoe Experience – Bimaagimose, meaning he/she snowshoes along – which explores navigation, winter medicine and animal tracks. The experience ends with story telling around a campfire. The tour can also be taken at night from January to March, guided by the moon.

Calgary Cowboys

Alberta calgary

Dust off the cowboy boots for the latest tour from Calgary Walks & Bus tours. Hosted by a real cowboy, Cowboys & Outlaws: A Campfire Caper offers an insight into Western culture and includes a reenactment of an outlaw story that created the greatest manhunt in the North West Mounted Police’s history. Enjoy a ranch stew around the campfire and finish with a line dance before hitting the hay.