Attitude Hotels set to expand outside of Mauritius

Attitude Hotels set to expand outside of Mauritius

Attitude Hotels is set to open a new eco-hotel in Zanzibar. It will be the first hotel for the brand outside of Mauritius.

Attitude has entered into a binding agreement with Asilia Lodges and Camps Ltd (“Asilia Africa”) to take over Matemwe Bungalows Zaswi (Z) Ltd in Zanzibar, the company owning and operating Matemwe Lodge, Matemwe Retreat and Matemwe Beach House. 

The final approvals by local authorities are expected to be completed by November 30 2023. 

The property spans 20 acres of land and is located on the northeastern tip of the island, opposite the diving and snorkelling reefs of the protected Mnemba Atoll. Attitude Hotels is planning to renovate the existing property into a hotel with 65 rooms. 

Since 2008, Attitude has demonstrated a commitment to the sustainable development of Mauritius, promoting and supporting the local economy, community and environment. The brand’s focus on sustainable tourism has grown over the years to become central to the company’s purpose.  

“Asilia and Attitude are brands built on genuineness and a vision to benefit the local people and nature, so it feels like this project was meant for us,” said Vincent Desvaux de Marigny, Deputy CEO of Attitude Hotels. “We have eight eco-committed hotels in Mauritius and we are looking forward to launching the Attitude Hotels brand in Zanzibar and creating strong ties with local stakeholders, continuing the positive momentum that Asilia Africa has created.

“This year marks the 15th anniversary of Attitude Hotels and it feels like the perfect time to announce the launch of a new destination during this milestone year!”

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