Adventure travel focus for ABTA conference

Adventure travel focus for ABTA conference

ABTA hosted the Adventure Travel Conference in London yesterday (April 18).

Held at The Brewery, the event focused on the trends and challenges pertaining to one of the fastest-growing sectors in the travel industry.

ABTA members, travel operators and press were in attendance. 

Top trends comprised social connection, the solo female traveller, health & wellness and geopolitical concerns.

Zina Bencheikh, Managing Director at Intrepid Travel; James Lawrence, Co-founder and Director of Peregrine Risk Assessment; Chris Roche, CEO of The Adventure People; and Patricia Carmona Redondo, Market Intelligence and Competitiveness Department Officer at UNWTO (UN World Travel Organisation) were among 12 speakers discussing adventure and experiential travel.

“The adventure travel market has experienced a fundamental shift over the last few years. It’s transformed from a niche, little-known sector to something much more mainstream and accessible,” said Zina.

“The market accounts for over £518 billion globally. Today it can be anything from trekking Kilimanjaro and trying local food in a daily market to glamping in a comfortable camp surrounded by wildlife in the Maasai reserves.”

“Every single threat identified should have a response protocol form that should be held within a risk register. If threat analysis is done correctly and the risk register is maintained to a high level, incident response protocols will align and you’ll reduce the exposure, should something go wrong. Threat vectors could be a monsoon, an earthquake or political unrest,” added James.

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