ABTA chief warns against ‘clumsy’ net zero legislation

ABTA chief warns against ‘clumsy’ net zero legislation

The travel industry must work with the Government to reach net zero, not against it, ABTA Chief Executive Mark Tanzer told delegates at the association’s Convention in Turkey this week.

He said the Government has a crucial role to play but added: “Done wrongly through clumsy legislation or taxation and the risk is that the industry will be severely damaged and that travel will become increasingly unaffordable.

“Done sensibly, with investment support for the growth in sustainable aviation fuels and the modernisation of UK airspace, we shall achieve our shared objective,” said Tanzer.

He said the industry needs to balance the negative impacts of travel with the huge social benefits it bestows on people travelling and the destinations they travel to.

“The industry is committed to a net zero future and will get there by working with and not against the Government,” he said.

ABTA is part of the Sustainable Aviation coalition driving the development of sustainable aviation fuels.


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