Winnipeg kicks off 150th anniversary celebrations

Winnipeg kicks off 150th anniversary celebrations

The city of Winnipeg is celebrating its 150th anniversary. There will be a host of new attractions to mark the occasion, aligning with the theme “Our shared stories. Our shared future.” An official logo was also designed by local Indigenous designer Jordan Stranger.

Highlights include the “world’s largest” collection of contemporary Inuit art Qaumajuq and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Canada’s first national museum built outside the capital region. The latter will showcase an exhibit exploring the power of music titled Beyond the Beat: Music of Resistance and Change.

Another exhibit to watch out for is Winnipeg at 150 at the Manitoba Museum. Visitors can find a seven-metre-long wall of artefacts, related to seven themes that run through the history of Winnipeg.

The Millennium Library is also introducing a Winnipeg 150 History Exhibit with images sourced from the City of Winnipeg archival collection, Winnipeg Public Library, Manitoba Museum and Archives of Manitoba/Hudson’s Bay Archives. 

A ‘year of song’ will be celebrated by the Winnipeg Arts Council with its City of Song showcase. Top local talents will attend, with guest performers from across Canada. 

Ryan Kuffner, President & CEO of Economic Development Winnipeg (EDW), said: “The 150th anniversary of Winnipeg serves not just as a reflection of our cultural richness and enduring spirit but also as a spotlight on why Winnipeg is a must-visit destination.

“This celebration is an invitation for visitors to explore the creativity, community and unique experiences that define Winnipeg, one of Canada’s hidden gems. Winnipeg is a city teeming with world-class attractions — a place where every visit offers memorable experiences and where the warmth of our community makes every visitor feel part of our story.” 

The City of Winnipeg is planning more events and celebrations throughout 2024.

Image credit: Bill Bennett Courtesy of Travel Manitoba

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