Why Hubby is the perfect partner for a U.S. road trip

Why Hubby is the perfect partner for a U.S. road trip

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New Visit USA member Hubby is offering a cost-effective roaming solution for UK travellers heading to the U.S. Here, one of the company’s co-founders, Boris Bijlstra, tells Steve Hartridge why the mobile application should be an essential element when planning a trip itinerary.

Explain what Hubby is and the service it provides.

Everyone travelling from the UK to the U.S. must pay insane roaming charges. Mobile data is critical for travellers, which is why we have built the best possible solution for the travel industry.

The Hubby eSIM is a mobile application that is specifically designed for partnerships with travel providers. It saves travellers both time and money and comes with intuitive design, and quick, hassle-free installation. It’s an easy, convenient solution to the minefield that can be data roaming abroad.

The Hubby eSIM has been specifically designed to be easily integrated into existing travel provider operating systems and comes with 24/7 support and a low-risk pricing model.

So, you are offering a cost-effective alternative to the usual high phone roaming charges?

Yes, but it goes beyond that. Partnering with Hubby offers travel providers the priceless security of knowing they can more easily contact customers in an emergency, as well as offering real-time insights into travellers’ connectivity habits, via a user-friendly data visualisation dashboard.

Hubby believes a modern-day travel package should have four component parts, not three: Flight. Hotel. Transfer. Mobile Connectivity

You have a ‘mission statement’ that says you want to “unlock the power of travel by breaking down roaming barriers”. Explain what you mean?

The power of travel lies in submerging yourself in your new-found, unfamiliar surroundings; soaking up the culture, which is shaped by its history, people, food, habits and other factors. True submersion allows people to experience life-changing moments that can change the course of their life, and perhaps other peoples as well. Our founders have experienced this profoundly during their travels around the world.

However, the absurd costs related to using mobile internet abroad is a barrier. Yet, since mobile internet is a core element of the travel experience – sharing, navigating, communicating and purchasing experiences – anything that inhibits these must be broken down if travellers are to unlock the true power of travel.

How does Hubby work for travellers heading to the USA?

It is as easy as 1-2-3! Travellers receive a promo code from their agent, tour operator or airline. They then enter the code in the Hubby app, redeem a mobile data package between one and 20 gigabytes, and install the eSIM before they leave. This process takes around two minutes.

Once it is installed, travellers wait until they arrive in the U.S. and then select the eSIM in their settings. They will be connected the moment they land on the tarmac.

They can easily buy more data if they run out, they can keep it for another visit because the eSIM is valid for 365 days, which is substantially more than other eSIM apps. If you don’t have the promo code, you can buy bundles in the app and install the same way.

How can the UK’s tour operators and travel agents work with you to offer your service to their clients?

We offer a solution suite that allows them to bundle it into their package without any technical integration, sell it as an ancillary or integrate it into their booking journey.

We recommend the first option, as it requires no technical integration, and we can go live in a week!

We take care of everything: the creation of eSIMs, managing our app, support, communication – all the agents and operators must do is focus on the journey.

What does Hubby hope to gain from your ‘business partner’ membership of Visit USA Association?

Hubby is created by two young founders, me (25) and Thijs (27). For us, learning from the best, such as the diverse members of Visit USA, is key, and thus having a networking platform is essential.
But also, they all need data! ALL layers of the travel industry can make money helping us make this reality come true. It’s a no-brainer really.

What is your own favourite personal travel experience in the U.S. and is there a destination or attraction that is on your ‘must do’ list?

I love this question! Last year I visited the US for the first time as an adult. I rented a car and drove by myself 5,000KM through California. I started in Los Angeles and went through Santa Barbara and then up to the Redwoods, through Lake Tahoe, down to Sequoia and Joshua Tree.
The vastness and sheer beauty really makes you feel small, yet very capable!

Now I get it – Freedom!!

How can our readers learn more about Hubby and how it can elevate their own services and who should they contact?

They can email me at boris@hubbyesim.com. They can also find us on Linkedin. Just shout very loud, we will hear you!




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