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Top 5 Instagrammable cities in Canada

Say cheese! The most Instagram-worthy cities in Canada have been revealed…

Top 5 Instagrammable cities in Canada

Say cheese! The most Instagram-worthy cities in Canada have been revealed…

Social media users have crowned the most Instagram-worthy cities in Canada, according to research by Greater Toronto Home Pros. The real estate service analysed hashtags on Instagram to establish the most popular cities in Canada.

1. Toronto 

Toronto resized

Canada’s most Instagrammable city has raked up over 55.6 million posts with #toronto. Other popular hashtags were #torontocity with over 113,000 posts and #torontocityvibes with over 19,000. Famous for its sports, the vibrant city is home to a host of professional teams. The Instagram posts with #toronto feature scenic imagery of its mountains and skyline during sunrise and sunset.

2. Vancouver 

    Vancouver resized

    Next in line is Vancouver, which garnered more than 26 million posts using #vancouver and 45,000 with #vancouvercity. Nicknamed the City of Glass, the draw of Vancouver lies within its stark contrast between striking skyscrapers and breath-taking mountains. Many of the pictures shared using #vancouver are shots highlighting the city’s picturesque lakes and waterfalls.  

    3. Montreal 

      Montreal resized

      Firmly in third place #montréal amassed over 20 million hashtags on the social media platform. Montréal, famous for its rich culture, ample diversity and love of cuisine, has the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada. If you ask us, it sounds like the go-to spot for foodies! 

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      4. Calgary

        Calgary 2 resized

        The title of the fourth most Instagrammable Canadian city goes to Calgary. Known as the cattle ranching capital, it’s packed to the brim with historical hotspots and outdoor recreational activities. One look at Instagram and it’s clear to see why: there are over 8.7 million posts with #calgary!  

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        5. Ottawa 

        Ottawa resized

        Popular with the younger generations, this cosmopolitan city is the fourth largest in Canada. Think international music festivals and the world’s largest ice skating rink! Snagging the fifth spot on our Instagram-worthy list, Ottawa has inspired Instagram users to share 7.7 million posts with the #ottawa.

          Top ten

          Edmonton was next with 5.7 million posts, followed by Winnipeg (4.8 million posts), and Mississauga (4.7 million posts). Brampton raked in 4.4 million posts, while Québec City finished at 1.3 million posts.

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