RV tripping in Alberta

A quintessentially Canadian experience, hiring an RV means freedom to roam Alberta’s wide-open spaces and get off the beaten track.

Why sell it?

An RV-based road trip of Alberta can save money as well as offering a bespoke way to see the province. With the value of the British pound uncertain, a value-led holiday will be an attractive prospect for many, but for some the idea of being in the driving seat for their holiday will be the biggest selling point.

Canada is the perfect introduction to this kind of holiday, with wide, safe roads, English-language signs, and plenty of high-quality campgrounds to choose from – although you need to book well ahead for the national parks. There’s a huge choice of RV operators in Alberta, all with multiple depots and a range of vehicles.

Alberta RV 1

Who to sell to

An RV holiday can be tailored to almost anyone, but how it’s sold will differ. For families it’s likely the value proposition, while the kids will be excited by the idea of a mobile home. Taking it with you means that there’s no need for transfers or hotels and you can stock up on provisions and cook for yourself, saving the money you would have spent on restaurants for attractions and experiences.

For couples, the romantic aspect is obvious. Really hone in on the privacy couples can expect and the chance to go at their own pace – whether that’s the prospect of sitting out under the stars every night with a glass of wine, beating the tourist crowds at major attractions by setting off early or the freedom to change their mind, sleep in or stay another day and change the route.

Alberta RV 2

Younger travellers will love the savings – it’s the best value way to spend the night inside the national parks themselves, where accommodation can stretch the budget. But do mention the fact that RVs offer the freedom to get off the tourist trail and stop at that quirky small town they pass through to take a picture.

What to sell

Get your clients to Calgary or Edmonton and from there the open road is waiting!

Alberta RV 3

For some alternatives to the well-trodden routes around Banff and Jasper, suggest the De Cho Trail, which runs north from Edmonton to High Level, half way to Yellowknife! This drive is a wilderness adventure offering the chance to spot the Northern Lights and explore historic sites which uncover the tough days of the pioneers – like Fort Vermilion Trapper’s Shack. Clients can enjoy hiking, fishing, swimming and kayaking at spots such as Fish RV Resort, explore Peace River while staying at the Hidden Lake Mile Zero Camper Park, or spot wildlife at Aspen Ridge Campground in High Level.

Alternatively, head south from Calgary to the Alberta Badlands for unique weather-whipped landscapes, lakes and dinosaur fossils.

Alberta RV 4

Highlights are the Royal Tyrrell Museum and digging for bones at the UNESCO World Heritage Dinosaur Provincial Park. Classic RV stops include Dinosaur Camping Car Park, nestled in a valley by the Red Deer River, shaded by cotton-wood trees and with its own amphitheatre, or the Ross Creek RV Park close to quaint Medicine Hat.

Where to book it

Canadian Affair offers a 13-night Roaming the Rockies package from £833pp which includes one night’s accommodation at Calgary Airport with 13 days in a motor home and return flights with Air Transat from Gatwick, Manchester or Glasgow (with seat selection).