Louisiana hails 2024 the Year Of Music

Louisiana hails 2024 the Year Of Music

Explore Louisiana is highlighting its impressive line-up of musical offerings as part of its Year of Music initiative.

The initiative is part of a wider “My Louisiana” campaign which will shine a spotlight on a different theme each year to target potential visitors nationally and internationally.

One of the aims of the campaign is to showcase the variety of music genres that can be experienced across the state, which include Cajun, Zydeco as well as Jazz and Blues.

Visitors can enjoy over 400 music festivals across the state from Jazz Fest in New Orleans to Lafayette’s Festival International de Louisiane which celebrates French heritage.

“The French influence is really what distinguishes Louisiana from the other southern states and you can see this in our music,” says Maria Manzella, Tourism Sales & Marketing Director at Louisiana Office of Tourism.  “Cajun and Zydeco are unique to Louisiana, you can recognise it by the sounds of the accordion, violin and banjo.

Manzella adds: “There are pockets of all of the different genres across the state that we are promoting as part of a wider music tour.”

Manzella recommends starting a Louisiana music itinerary by embracing the party scene in New Orleans, perhaps incorporating Mardi Gras or the Jazz Fest which draws in thousands of visitors.

“The Jazz Fest is the biggest in the state as far as music festivals,” says Manzella . “It has grown into an international music festival with global acts, although we still have jazz, a gospel tent and lots of upcoming Louisiana artists that locals want to see as they grow into bigger stars.”

Visitors are then encouraged to venture to Baton Rouge, an hour from New Orleans, for its great live music scene, the capital city is also hailed as the Blues Capital.

Stopping next at Lafayette, an hour from Baton Rouge, for some cultural Cajan and Zydeco music and then to Shreveport to follow in the footsteps of Elvis – Elvis made his first appearance here on the Louisiana Hayride in 1954 – before circling back to the small town charm of St Francisville for folk and country music and finishing back at New Orleans.


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