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Canada updates agents on wildfire procedures

Canada updates agents on wildfire procedures

Clients travelling to Canada between early April to late October should be made aware that there is an increased wildfire risk in some regions. 

The majority of fires take place in wilderness areas and are a natural part of a forest’s life cycle, contributing to a healthy ecosystem and regenerating the next stage of forest life. 

Officials always prepare in advance each year, with fire managers consistently monitoring to determine which fires have the potential to become a threat to humans and where to focus firefighter efforts to manage them. Other fires will naturally extinguish or slow down after rainfall.

Although not all fires are dangerous, it’s a good idea to make travellers aware of this when planning their trip, for both safety and peace of mind. Here are a few top tips for agents to be aware of and to pass onto clients:

 – Stay up to date with the latest fire information and advice from each province and territory here: https://ca-na-da.com/3qxGrFc 

 – Respect any campfire bans that may be in place in the area you are visiting

 – Do not travel in evacuation zones

 – Strong winds can bring smoke from faraway fires into communities, which is unsafe to breathe for an extended period of time. If smoke becomes heavy, limit time outside.

 – Do not fly drones near forest fires. It increases the risk of fire fighting aircraft collision.

– Download the “ALERTABLE” app, select the area (s) you are travelling to, and you will receive text alerts to any imminent fire or extreme weather conditions.

Jenni Bridgman, Business Development Director UK, Travel Alberta, said: “The key piece of advice agents should be giving clients is to ensure they stay as informed as possible about conditions on the ground within the areas they plan to visit.

“The Travel Alberta website has a ‘Know Before You Go’ section which contains regularly updated information on any wildfires in the province. Clients can see the location of current wildfires, and learn about any road closures and communities affected, allowing them to make informed choices about their travel plans.”

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