Alberta’s Waterton

For clients looking to explore a wilder part of the Canadian Rockies, Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta hits the spot

Located in the southwest corner of Alberta, Waterton Lakes National Park is roughly a three-hour drive from Calgary International Airport (YYC). Those travelling by car from the U.S. have a mere 30-minute journey north of the border. In fact, Waterton shares a border (and international peace park) with Montana’s Glacier National Park.

And, since fewer people know of Waterton’s hidden draws, it’s the perfect place for clients to seek solace and inspire their wild sides. But it won’t remain a secret for long.

Year-round appeal

Waterton snow
Snowshoeing in the National Park

Seasonal adventures means Waterton is open year-round. There’s snowshoeing in winter, photographing wildflowers in spring (Waterton Lakes National Park is Canada’s wildflower capital), climbing summits in summer and biking paved pathways in autumn, to name a few. No matter which season, spotting wildlife like elk, bighorn, and bears is almost always a guarantee.

Waterton hump
Bear’s Hump lookout

Many trails are all-season accessible, such as the winding Red Rock Canyon, the rushing Blakiston Falls, the popular Bear’s Hump lookout and the picturesque Cameron Lake.

Known to many as Canada’s most thrilling hike, Crypt Lake Trail is generally open from May to October. A 15-minute boat ride across Upper Waterton Lake delivers trekkers to the trailhead. Equally challenging and rewarding, the 11 mile hike passes four waterfalls, goes through lush forests and ends at a pristine alpine lake.

Winter here is particularly special for experiencing Waterton’s International Dark Sky Park. Its skies are protected from light pollution, meaning planets and the Milky Way galaxy can shine uninhibited. Meanwhile, longer nights give visitors increased chances of spotting the elusive and beautiful northern lights. Dark Sky Guides offers a range of evening excursions, including a 2.5-hour trip into the remote backcountry where they teach clients how to navigate the skies.

Unique stays

From camping in national parks to lakeside luxury hotels, Waterton has a range of accommodations to suit.

Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort is rustic in feel but modern in its amenities. This spot caters to families needing full-kitchen apartments and couples craving romance.

High-end Waterton Glacier Suites gives each room a private balcony and fireplace and offers seasonal packages with local outdoor operators.

Prince of Wales Hotel  operates over spring and summer. The historic landmark offers magnificent mountain views, which complement its stunning interior.