Alberta’s Cowboy Trail

As the home of the world’s largest outdoor rodeo, the Calgary Stampede, of course Canada’s Alberta has a dedicated Cowboy Trail! Here are some top spots as you drive from Calgary south to Waterton Lakes NP...

Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village

Alberta cow Pioneer
Picture by Cakewalk

This Western Canadian frontier village showcases more than 30 historical buildings, including ranch houses, cabins, barns, a blacksmith shop and a NWMP (North-West Mounted Police) outpost. Each contains authentic artefacts from bygone times.

Boundary Ranch

A full immersion into the ‘real west’, Boundary Ranch is owned by a local family, whose entrepreneurial history dates back over 100 years. Set in the picturesque Canadian Rockies, it is the perfect place to experience great western hospitality alongside history and tradition.

Eau Claire Distillery

Alberta cow distillery
Picture by Travel Alberta

Did you know that Canada had its own Prohibition? Turner Valley was once a wild frontier town brimming with speakeasies, illegal whisky trade and illicit activities. Visit Eau Claire Distillery, Canada’s most awarded craft distillery, on Whiskey Row for a guided tour.

Remington Carriage Museum

Alberta cow carraige
Picture by Travel Alberta

Home to over 330 vehicles, The Remington Carriage Museum tells the story of horse-drawn transportation in North America through interactive displays, horses, carriages, wagons and a stable. Find out more about the ‘lost arts’ of blacksmithing, wheelwrighting and woodworking at the working restoration shop. Carriage rides are available to book in the summer months.

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Alberta cow indigenous
Picture by Travel Alberta

Alberta’s Indigenous peoples practised a form of group hunting with bison traps for nearly 6,000 years. Learn about this tradition at the UNESCO-protected Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, whose deep archaeological deposits are still intact. There’s also and Interpretive Centre and network of hiking trails.