Wild Safaris in Nunavut

With its stunning Arctic landscapes Nunavut is a natural home for some of Canada’s most sought-after wildlife…

Wild Safaris in Nunavut

With its stunning Arctic landscapes Nunavut is a natural home for some of Canada’s most sought-after wildlife…

The northernmost Canadian territory of Nunavut is a gateway to the pristine beauty of the Arctic circle. It is the largest yet least populated of Canada’s territories and is comprised of an Arctic island archipelago, including Baffin Island.

Home to expansive and breathtaking landscapes, Nunavut is the same size as Western Europe and is inhabited by only 33,300 people, with 85% Indigenous Inuit.

Not accessible by car, sky and sea are the only ways to reach the last populated place in the north of the planet. Fly in from Edmonton, Ottawa and Montréal, then catch a ride on a snowmobile, dogsled or powerboat to travel between the many different communities.

Tours tend to focus around the floe edge, or ‘Sinaaq’ in Inuktitut, where open water meets the ice still attached to the shoreline.

This unique eco-system is where polar bear, whales, walrus, beluga and narwhal among many other magical creatures of the northern hemisphere come to breathe, feed, rest and socialise, making it ideal for wildlife safaris and polar tourism excursions. In situ are several operators who take winter-clad clients deep into the heart of the action.

Arctic Bay Adventures

Nanuvut articbay

Arctic Bay is an Inuit hamlet located in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut which has been occupied for nearly 5,000 years by Inuit migrating from the west.

All Arctic Bay Adventures’ tours are guided by local Inuit people, showcasing their way of life and unlocking the secrets of the land with their in-depth knowledge.

Clients hike the majestic snowscapes, take part in exhilarating dog sled rides, and spot native birds and wildlife.

At the end of a long day of outdoor activities, there is comfortable accommodation and a warm bed waiting, before the excitement starts again the following morning.

Tours range from five to nine days with highlights including a fishing trip with ski-doo, five nights’ spent tracking roaming wildlife at the floe edge of Admiralty Inlet and camping under the midnight sun at Arctic Bay.

Black Feather

Nanuvut black

Wilderness Adventure Company Black Feather has been operating in the North for 50 years and offers outfitted, guided expeditions by hike, sea kayak and canoe as well as wildlife photography and Nordic skiing. The company employ local Inuit guides and staff whose famous wilderness cooking keeps everyone fuelled for long days on the floe edge.

Expeditions range from a ski traverse exploring the Auyuittuq and Quttinirpaaq National parks; canoing the Coppermine, Hood and Soper Rivers, and a Floe Edge Base Camp which takes guests sea kayaking at Pond Inlet, where the famous floe edge lies and where sightings of seals, polar bears, narwhals, bowhead whales, arctic fox, walruses and sea birds are most common. blackfeather.com

Arctic Kingdom

Nanuvut articking

Arctic Kingdom capitalises on its relationships with the local Inuit people to research and gain insights on some of the best custom experiences in the Arctic. Clients can choose from scheduled Arctic safaris or private journeys, taking in the magnificent landscapes under the 24-hour sunshine in the summer or views of the stunning Northern Lights in the autumn and winter months.

The operator offers year-round polar bear viewing, as well as opportunities to safely see Arctic residents like narwhal, bowhead whales, and walrus.

Travellers can choose to spot mother polar bears with their newborn cubs or join a dive safari for a brush with the rich ecosystem surrounding Baffin island.

Baffin Safari

Nanuvut baffin

For intimate, small group adventures , Baffin Safari specialises in expeditions and tours in Canada’s High Arctic on Baffin Island. A maximum of eight people join each trip, meaning each day of the itinerary can be tailor-made.

The company’s Coutts Baffin Explorer itinerary takes clients out into the wilderness with a mobile camp, setting up in Coutt’s Fiord. From this base, clients will spend their days travelling to look for polar bear mum’s and cubs among the pack ice and icebergs. New for 2023 is the Baffin Safari mini cabins for two.

The cabins come with quality extreme cold Arctic sleeping bags on a comfy mattress, while 24 hour sunlight powers the solar panels on the cabin roof allowing USB charging inside. baffinsafari.com

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