Visit Portugal launches new campaign

Visit Portugal launches new campaign

Visit Portugal has launched a campaign for “the tourist of the future”.

The campaign, which is named #It’s not tourismit’s futourism, outlines 12 New Year’s resolutions.

Visit Portugal has introduced 12 commitments to inspire people to “take an active role in the changes that tourism needs”, both in Portugal and around the world. During the first twelve days of 2024, one short video per day will be released.

The commitments are: It’s not engaged, it’s committed; it’s not virtual, it’s real; it’s not ours, it’s yours; it’s not standard, it’s unique; it’s not glocal, it’s local; it’s not a wave, it’s an ocean; it’s not grey, it’s green; it’s not brash, it’s humble; it’s not trendy, it’s trendsetting; it’s not negligent, it’s conscientious; it’s not rushed, it’s immersive and it’s not artificial, it’s human.

Top priority markets will be targeted, including the UK, Spain, France, Germany, the US and Brazil.

The campaign is aligned with Portugal’s 2027 Tourism Strategy, which encourages more inclusive, sustainable and responsible tourism. 

Visit Portugal presented its #Futourism movement on the last day of 2023, inviting travellers to opt for more authentic and sustainable experiences.

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