Québec City seizes the moment 

Québec City seizes the moment 

Canadian providers of tourism products at Rendez-vous Canada (RVC) in Québec City this week were told to ‘seize the moment” and make the most of the country’s first totally in-person travel trade show for four years.   

Randy Boissonnault, Canada’s Minister of Tourism, said: “We are all ambassadors for our communities and our country. Canada is open for business… and U.S. president Joe Biden was right when he visited Canada recently and said that ‘the world wants what Canada can offer’.”  

The minister added: “Canada has wide open spaces, three oceans, grand adventures, exciting attractions, nature in abundance and, with 230,00sq kms, one of the largest coastlines in the world.  

“It has the Trans Canada Trail, the longest network of multi-use recreational trails in the world, and top-ranked international ski destinations – with visitors able to choose from 290 ski resorts – and 48 National Parks. 

“RVC offers an unprecedented opportunity for communities large and small, and for our tourism ecosystem gathered in Québec City this week to showcase the best of our country to buyers around the world.  

“I can’t wait to see how high our tourism sector will soar – we are ready,” he enthused. 

Boissonnault reminded his media audience that the Canadian Government has earmarked C$50 million over the next three years to Destination Canada’s marketing pot for international promotion.  

Marsha Walden, President and CEO for Destination Canada, said tourism is at the very heart of Canada’s economic engine and fabric and benefits more regions than any other industry. 

“The outcomes of events like RVC ultimately enrich the lives of our guests and generate wealth and wellbeing for all Canadians,” she said. 

“If there was any silver lining in the pandemic it’s that people emerged from it with a recognition of what tourism and hospitality meant to communities and what travel meant to their personal lives. Tourism contributes to the wellbeing of Canada,” Walden added.  

Over 1,500 delegates, including representatives from 580 Canadian tourism interests, are meeting with 370 international buyers from Canada’s key markets at RVC – that adds up to 51,000 meetings. 

Rendezvous Canada was first staged in 1977 and is one of the world’s longest-running travel trade shows. 

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