PTAs reveals customer referral toolkit

PTAs reveals customer referral toolkit

The Personal Travel Agents (PTAs), part of The Midcounties Co-operative, has launched a toolkit to boost customer referrals.

This comes after reporting that 19% of its independent homeworker bookings have come from referrals. 

The new Customer Referral Toolkit enables agents to determine the value of their customers, not only by measuring their client’s own direct bookings but by assessing the sales the customer has generated by referring the PTA to friends and family too.

The online tracker works by allocating each sale to both the new customer who has made the booking and the existing customer who referred the PTA on. 

The toolkit features a full suite of assets that the independent homeworkers can use to stimulate more referrals, for example a link to share with customers to create a simple way for them to refer the PTA to someone new. 

“We’re delighted to be able to support our PTAs with this new toolkit,” said Sheena Whittle, Head of The Personal Travel Agents part of The Midcounties Co-operative.  

“Due to the highly personal nature of a PTA’s business, referrals are key and creating a system whereby agents can monitor who their most supportive customers are, and reward those customers for their loyalty, is invaluable.

“PTAs can choose how to reward their customers for recommending them to friends and family, whether that’s by sending a thank you note, a gift, or by offering a discount on their next holiday, and the new toolkit provides the assets to do all of that.

“We launched the referral assets in September, before unveiling the full toolkit at our conference, and we’ve seen customer referrals increase by 18% since, which is a fantastic result.”

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