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Métis Crossing debuts sky-watching domes

Métis Crossing debuts sky-watching domes

Métis Crossing has introduced luxury sky-watching domes in Alberta.

The luxury Sky Watching Domes feature a king bed, running water, a bathroom and electricity. Other highlights include a transparent ceiling, heated floors, air conditioning and a kitchenette.

Guests can learn how the Métis people used the sky, stars and constellations for navigation purposes. The sky was used as a clock and calendar, providing vital instructions on when to plant, hunt and work the land. 

With nearly zero light pollution in the region, visitors can spend the night stargazing. There is the choice between a family and a single suite. 

The Family Suite has a pull-out couch and bunk bed for six guests, while the Single Suite caters for two.

Adventurous travellers can combine their stay with a Legendary Sky Watching Experience all-inclusive winter package. Activities include a traditional three-course dinner with local and sustainably sourced ingredients; a wildlife tour; a self-guided walk through the trails and a tea ceremony. 

Guests can also hear why the skies were so important to the Métis who settled in the northwest during the fur trade and how they served as an essential guide for survival.

The experience is described as ‘the perfect combination of reconnecting with the land and traditional Métis life’.


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