Tourism Australia updates trade

by Jessica Pook

Tourism Australia has developed a resource for those currently visiting or planning to visit Australia, as the country continues to battle bushfires.

A Bushfire Alert webpage has been developed to highlight which tourism areas have been affected by the ongoing fires.

The page will be updated daily to ensure agents and their clients have the most accurate and up to date information. It also provides links to general bushfire safety information and external resources where required.

Tourism Australia encourages travellers to use these resources to seek the most recent information, should the situation in any region change. It also emphisises that most destinations in Australia remain safe and continue to welcome visitors and all international airports in Australia continue to operate as normal.

A statement from the tourism office reads: “Many Australians are enduring hardship during this unprecedented fire season and like all Australians, our hearts go out to the families and communities who are impacted by the bushfires. Our gratitude for the frontline services facing the fires head on cannot be expressed deeply enough. The emergency response to the bushfires and the safety of communities and visitor in affected areas continues to be the number one priority.

“Though the fires are still burning in several regions, we hope these online resources will provide visitors with the confidence to travel in Australia, providing the assurance that the majority of our most popular tourism destinations remain untouched by the fires and need support as well. When affected communities are ready to once again welcome visitors, tourism will continue to play an important role in supporting their recovery.”

Tourism Australia has temporarily stalled its latest advertising campaign, Matesong, which launched on Christmas Day. The three-minute musical tribute saw Kylie Minogue invite Brits to visit Australia and was its largest marketing investment in the UK for over a decade.

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