Puerto Rico asks ‘Have we met yet?’

by Jessica Pook

Discover Puerto Rico has revamped its website and launched a new brand campaign: “Have we met yet?”

The campaign, which has been created by Puerto Rico's year-old Destination Marketing Organisation, aims to re-introduce the destination following the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in September 2017. It invites visitors to discover or re-discover the island by highlighting its friendly locals, cuisine, colourful streets and natural landscapes.

Speaking at a dedicated press conference at IPW, Brad Dean, CEO of Discover Puerto Rico said: “With the help of its resilient people, Puerto Rico has made a full recovery from Hurricane Maria and as a result passenger arrivals are now on par with pre-hurricane levels and continue to grow.”

By referencing itself as the US mainland’s “friendly neighbour to the south” the organisation hopes to position the island as a familiar yet unique place for tourists to visit and create an appetite for inbound tourism.

The revamped website includes a new LGBTQ+ section after it was named LGBTQ+ destination of the year 2019 by the New York Times.


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