Agent training which the kids can do too

by Jessica Pook

Sales Representation company Target Africa has come up with a novel idea to help beleaguered agents who are working from home with children - child-friendly training.

Sue Rickets of Target Africa wasn’t worried about staying in touch with agents during the COVID-19 crisis – she’s using Skype and webinars to do that – but came up with the idea to include some fun facts in her webinars, meaning the whole family can watch and learn together.

Rickets said: “I know that a lot of agents now have their kids at home, so I have created a ‘family friendly’ presentation to keep the kids entertained, whilst I update Mum/Dad with the news from the properties that I represent in Southern Africa.

“Depending on the age of the children, I am also including photos and fun facts on wildlife, exciting things to do and sights to see. I am going to adapt each presentation to the age of the children and have some funky energetic African music while the slides are playing. My hope is to hook the kids in and they might just want to visit themselves!"

Target Africa represents properties across Southern Africa.

Agents can contact Sue Rickets by email: or call 01825 740776 or skype sue.ricketts1

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