Emerald Waterways helps agents attract younger guests

by Laura Gelder

Emerald Waterways is targeting agents to help them attract younger clients after seeing a significant shift in the age profile of its guests over the last two years, with 36 to 55-year-olds now regularly booking.

The river and ocean cruise provider says its own research into who is travelling on board its fleet of Star-Ships and luxury shows it’s an increasingly younger audience, contradicting the perception that the sector is only suited to retired travellers.

David Winterton, Global Brand Curator explains “Right from the launch of Emerald Waterways back in 2013 we actively marketed our luxury river cruises to a wide audience. Our EmeraldACTIVE hiking and biking tours, on board pool and contemporary designed Star-Ships all helped attract new, younger holidaymakers to river cruising. Our recently introduced luxury yachts along the Dalmatian coast have continued this trend.”

Joseph Grimley, the new Director of Trade Sales added: “Having recently experienced my first Emerald Waterways river cruise I was amazed to see so many younger guests on board. Armed with the new data, Emerald Waterways was keen to help retailers identify new potential customers and the areas they are most likely to live in. Its trade team will now begin spreading the word among agents during shop visits.

“We want our agent partners to communicate the message that Emerald Waterways is a genuine option for a younger audience. With our knowledge of how our guest profile is changing we can help them get to the right people,” he said.

“We’ve got amazing new product in Southeast Asia, along with our award-wining European range of river cruises and luxury yachts. We offer a range of included tours, biking and hiking for those who want to strike out and explore further.”


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