Embrace technology, agents urged at Advantage

by Ben Coren

Rapid technological change is afoot and will continue to impact on the travel industry – and agents need to embrace it rather than ignore or fear it, Deloitte’s Alistair Pritchard told the Advantage Conference (May 13-14).

Pritchard, pictured, said: “Travel agents need to evolve faster to keep pace with the changing face of business and consumer preferences.”

He added that technology would disrupt the way travel is planned and executed: “Technology is evolving and travel companies are ever-experimenting with new tech as travellers look for greater central and seamless connectivity.”

Pritchard also demonstrated to delegates the risks of being hit by a cyber-attack by showing a short film showing the risk and potential damage businesses face. However, he said specialist advice and up-to-date anti-virus software are satisfactory preventative measures.

On noting the business applications of such relatively developments including wearables and augmented reality as a point-of-sale tool, he added: “This industry is very good at dealing with changes presented and I’m very optimistic for the future.

“Travel agents need to be experts in not only providing inspirational offerings but also in providing up-to-date and real-time travel advice.”

Further coverage from this year’s conference will be featured in the July edition of Selling Travel.


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