Become a Canada Specialist

Destination Canada’s Canada Specialist Program (CSP) training platform is proving a hit amongst agents who are taking their knowledge and selling confidence to new levels

Destination Canada’s Canada Specialist Program (CSP) training platform is an essential tool for travel agents keen to widen their depth and breadth of knowledge on one of the world’s most in demand destinations.

“We are delighted with the pick up on the new CSP program, with over 1,000 agents now registered,” says Adam Hanmer, Travel Trade Manager, Destination Canada. “The app has gone down a storm as it allows agents to take the training on the go.”

The training platform features new modules built completely from scratch with content designed to enlighten, educate and inspire agents.

“We know Canada is in demand and we want to make sure the industry is equipped and has the right tools to convert the enquiries into meaningful bookings,“ said Hanmer.

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Canada is proving popular among British travellers seeking the country’s boundless scenic wonders and outdoor spaces and agents can capitalise by showcasing their expertise to clinch sales.

“We have a loyal group of Canada Specialists who deliver high-value bookings to Canada. Agents who get to grips with selling Canada coast to coast to coast and across four seasons can look forward to healthy commissions and happy clients,” added Hanmer.

What is it?

When complete the CSP will consist of 40 modules. One of the newest components to be added is the module on Provinces and the final content to be made live will focus on Cities and Resorts.

All modules provide agents with an interactive learning experience to gain in-depth knowledge about Canada.

Key elements include audio visual components, interactive questions, shareable content and the chance to move up special tiers as they progress.

Importantly, in light of new working arrangements, agents can work through the program at their own pace, with 24/7 access to the platform on tablets, phones or via a browser. The ‘Retain’ section condenses product knowledge from training into a resource which can be accessed whenever needed – for example, for an impromptu sales presentation with clients.

Once the modules have been completed, a downloadable certificate illustrates the agent’s qualification.

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Specialist agents

Among those agents who have achieved Gold status on the CSP modules is Barrhead’s Michelle Holt, a long-time Canada specialist. “My knowledge of Canada was already very good, but the CSP really enhances it. It is great to keep up to date with whats new and up and coming in Canada,” she says.

“I loved the training on Indigenous Tourism. This was a subject I wasn’t really familiar with but the CSP brought it to my attention. I have now started to talk to my clients about this history and am encouraging them to take an active interest and include excursions that incorporate First Nations experiences.”

Travel Counsellor Bruce Cairns says he benefits from training that informs him about those areas of Canada that he is yet to visit. “It is such a large country with lots of amazing experiences that it is important that I can advise my clients how to maximise their time there… some of the CSP videos are just amazing.”

Denise Hart of Hays Travel is a veteran of Canada’s training program but says the CSP modules still fuel a desire to “travel to Canada as often as possible”.

“I find all the modules extremely helpful but the self-drive ones were particularly interesting. The training has helped me to speak confidently about Canada to my clients and also offer colleagues assistance and training sessions, which has resulted in more bookings for us.”

Amanda McKinlay of Thorne Travel says her Canada training has given her the confidence to more thoroughly answer customers’ questions. “Also, I know that if I need some more information I can revert to the training and review all the courses any time I want,” she says.

“There were lots of useful modules, but I loved learning about the history and the culture and the different experiences”.

Jersey-based Julie Law of Travel by Design said completing the program opened her eyes to how much Canada has to offer every type of client. “It really showed me what a great destination Canada is and that it has something for everyone. Having only visited Eastern Canada a couple of times to see the F1 in Montreal I found this program extremely helpful in extending my knowledge of Canada.”

The Modules

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The foundation modules – Welcome to Canada, Vibrant Cities, Wide Open Spaces and History and Culture – provide the ‘building bricks’. Agents who complete these modules achieve ‘Bronze Status’.

Those moving on to Silver Status’ level must navigate the Food and Drink, Indigenous Tourism, Wildlife Watching, Adventures and Activities, Winter Wonderland and Legendary Canada modules.

Thirteen modules offer a deep dive into Canada’s Provinces and Territories and agents need to complete eight of these to progress to ‘Gold Status’.

Why would I benefit from becoming a Canada Specialist?

  • Differentiate yourself and your agency from others by becoming a Canada expert
  • Earn a qualification to add to your CV
  • Increase your commission through learning how to upsell and suggest ‘add ons’
  • Receive priority access to Canada FAM trips, training incentives and both live and virtual events
  • Engage with other agents who are Canada experts
  • Gain confidence in how to sell the right trip to the right client

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