Coolcations trending in response to summer heatwaves

Coolcations trending in response to summer heatwaves

Numerous cooler destinations are seeing an increase in demand following heatwaves across Europe last summer. The Arctic (235%), Canada (137.4%), British Isles (33.3%), Antarctic (32.4%),  Fjords and Norway (23.2%), and Alaska (22%) all saw higher demand in 2023 compared to 2022, according to new data from Iglu Cruise.

With record-breaking temperatures recorded worldwide last year, many tourists are now looking for cooler holiday destinations for 2024. Google Trends data shows a 300% increase in the search term “cooler holidays” compared to the same time 12 months ago. Temperatures hit the high 40s in parts of the Mediterranean, including Spain, Italy and Greece, in summer 2023 according to the Met Office. 

Coined as a ‘coolcation’ by CN Traveller and The Independent, it simply means taking a vacation in a colder destination. 

Iglu offers a range of cruises to colder climes, including to the Norwegian Fjords starting from £537pp;  Alaska from £484pp;  and the Arctic from £695pp. 

Dave Mills, Chief Commercial Director at Iglu Cruise, said:  “People are looking for cooler travel destinations for several reasons. Firstly, the record-breaking temperatures we have seen across the globe in recent years mean that many people feel uncomfortable when travelling in the sweltering heat. A cooler destination is much more manageable for those who may struggle in intense temperatures.

“Also, a coolcation often provides travellers with the opportunity to see a different part of the world. People often search for new travel destinations to tick off their bucket lists, and visiting the likes of Iceland, Norway or Alaska provides just that. These destinations can be visited all year round, not just in the winter months. Visiting a cooler destination in the summer can be advantageous as travellers may enjoy longer hours of daylight.”

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