Become a Qatar specialist

Qatar is an undiscovered world that combines affordable luxury with middle eastern traditions. Merging rich culture,diverse landscapes and a cosmopolitan population, Qatar invites travellers to experience a world beyond.

Packed full of wonders, Qatar offers something for everyone. Visitors to the country can experience the cosmopolitan and bustling city of Doha and the contrasting awe-inspiring expansiveness of the desert within the same day. Qatar is a peninsula made up of five key regions: The bustling city of Doha and the other four that lie beyond the city – North Coast, West Coast, South Coast, and Central Qatar.

With Qatar’s popularity rising, agents will need to know more about the destination and everything it offers. The Qatar Specialist Programme will teach all about the exciting new products and events that are planned and will help agents to gain insider tips on the top things to do when planning a visit to Qatar. The programme includes a wide range of content to help agents enhance their destination knowledge; build tailored itineraries and increase the value of sales to Qatar. Plus, agents have the chance to win a place on a fam trip.

The programme is made up of eight modules and one final assessment where agents will receive a certificate after passing. There is also a range of downloadable material to make bookings easier.

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