We are living through the strangest of times. COVID-19 has had a seismic effect on the world and has impacted every aspect of the travel industry. But the big question for agents is: how do you sell travel in a time when no one is allowed to travel? We want to help you keep the conversation going and we think you can do that by encouraging your clients to be armchair travellers, with a little help from Selling Travel.

Keep the conversation going

It's important to keep a dialogue with your precious customers throughout the travel lockdown, even if they are unlikely to book a holiday right now. While sending special offers and encouragements to book may be appropriate for some customers, it may turn others off. But helping your clients be 'armchair travellers', transporting them to an exotic or exciting location through the power of words and beautiful pictures, could be just the ticket!

Although lots of our feature content is addressed directly to travel agents, helping you sell destinations more effectively or understand the latest travel trends, some of our content is good old-fashioned travel writing and we think you could be sharing it with your clients to keep the travel conversation going.

Share the love for travel

We have started a new library of armchair travel features - content which is suitable for you to share with your clients. Click through to the feature and you'll see a pink button at the top which lets you download a PDF version of the feature with no Selling Travel branding, which you can send to your clients or share on your own website.

We will be adding more of our content to this library in the coming weeks. Last week we asked you to get in contact and tell us what you'd like us to write about during the COVID-19 crisis and that still stands. You can request customer-friendly content as well as agent-only features.

Email me, laura.gelder@bmipublishing.co.uk,with your requests and tell us what you are doing to be an 'armchair travel agent' - share any of your social media with us by including #armchairtravelagent

Let's keep the magic of travel alive and take it to people's living rooms!