7 of the creepiest villages in Europe

Calling all horror enthusiasts! It’s time to uncover the spookiest villages in Europe...  

To get into the Halloween spirit, travel experts at Stress Free Car Rental have pulled together the seven creepiest villages in Europe. 

CEO John Charnock said: “Those hoping to embrace the supernatural are in luck because there are plenty of creepy villages across Europe to visit. Countries in Europe have a long and gruesome history, including public executions and plague pits. From Roslin in Scotland which is said to be home to the mummified head of Jesus Christ, to deadly witch trials in Triora, Italy.”

1. Bran, Romania

Situated in the heart of Transylvania, Bran is home to Dracula’s Castle, also known as Bran Castle. The bone-chilling fortress has secret passages and medieval torture instruments. Myths maintain that Dracula, the famous vampire from Bram Stoker’s 1987 novel, used the castle as his lair to feed on the blood of innocents whose spirits still haunt the castle. 

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2. Triora, Italy

Triora has a dark history of witch trials, which involved hundreds of spectators and ended in the death of over 300 women. Accused and interrogated for being witches, as many as 50 unlucky souls were tortured and killed. The trials saw them accused of crimes such as having relationships with the devil, making poisonous potions and transforming themselves into cats. 

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3. Pluckley, England

Known as the most haunted village in Britain, Pluckley is credited as such by the Guinness Book of Records. It is thought that at least twelve ghostly inhabitants live there, including the spectre of a Gypsy woman who drowned in a stream; the hanging body of a schoolmaster and a lady who haunts St Nicholas’s churchyard.

4. Ochate, Spain 

This abandoned village in Spain is known for numerous ghostly sightings, which are said to be the result of three epidemics taking the lives of the villagers. Visitors have seen mysterious lights flicker and heard eerie voices of women and children urging them to ‘Get out’. No wonder Ochate has a reputation for being cursed! 

5. Roslin, Scotland

Roslin is home to the 500-year-old Rosslyn Chapel, which is haunted by a handful of spritits and creepy artefacts. Rumours indicate that the chapel’s original crypt, which has been sealed off for years, is home to the Holy Grail, and the mummified head of Jesus Christ. Spirits allegedly lurk in and around the chapel, including a knight riding on horseback and a mysterious lady in white. 

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6. Skrinjari, Croatia

While this haunting village has a history of death, murder and hauntings, it is most notorious for the abandoned Skrinjari house. The allegedly cursed house was built on a cemetery, and is said to awaken the dead from their eternal sleep. Locals tell stories of an uneasy ambience and frequent traffic accidents. 

7. Tintern, Wales

Home to the old church of St Mary’s, Tintern is said to be haunted by monks and shadowy figures, which have been frequently spotted in the churchyard. Evidence of satanic rituals adorn the church ruins and locals steer clear because of a looming dark presence.  

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